"This is an excellent, and really accomplished debut novel and I can't wait to read more from Joanna, or to visit the places I already feel I know so well."

-Jennie Pollock

"Rossiter has a mature sensibility. She writes with fluency and grace. It seems implausible that The Sea Change is a debut novel, but it is. And the prospect of more work as good as this, or even better, is tantalising. She knows herself."


"Joanna Rossiter writes quite beautifully, in fluid, graceful prose, and she illuminates characters, places, relationships, in all of their complexity, so very well. She writes with such intelligence and understanding, leaving space for her readers to wonder, to interpret, to think, to react."

-Fleur Fisher “cornish bookworm”

"Thank you Penguin for finding this delicious new author.

Bring on her second book..."

-M C

"This book is absorbing, mesmerising, beautifully written and impossible to put down! The book is so descriptive without being too wordy and really transports you to the locations and the characters. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a must read."

-Emma Wedgoda

"An intriguing story that spans

decades and crosses worlds."

-Mr Paul J Stanfield

"From its opening lines, Joanna Rossiter's The Sea Change sets the tone for the lyrical, thoughtful and evocative debut novel it proves to be."

-Abigail M

"A beautifully written book, cleverly weaving the stories of two women, decades apart, and their understanding of what it means to belong."

-Jo M

"I repeatedly found myself torn between needing to sleep for work the next day and wanting to discover what would become of Violet, Alice and Imber. 'The Sea Change' had me gripped from start to finish. I thoroughly recommend it!"

-Ian P

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Sea Change and would recommend it to anyone wanting a beautifully written, gentle and yet thought provoking read."

-Abi Sharma

"Having spent part of my childhood living on Salisbury plain, I was particularly intrigued by the story of Imber - I remember driving past it as a child, put had never considered it as more than a military ghost town. Rossiter's exploration of the characters emotions and stories surrounding it gave it a whole new meaning to me."

-Susannah Clark

"Two love-stories are intertwined in this beautifully expressed, evocative novel which reveals its secrets at a tantalizing pace."

-D.F Ashton